Diialog WFH Resiliency Assessment

“Working from Home” has become our new reality, disrupting the schedules, routines, and mental & physical health of many employees.

As more technologies are made available, and the workforce adjusts, Ankura has launched the Diialog™ WFH Resiliency Assessment.

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Ankura Team & Collaborators

Gerard McDonough is Senior Managing Director of Ankura’s Advanced Human Capital area of expertise and has dedicated himself for three decades, to improving business results through people. He developed the firm’s proprietary Human Equity Value™ methodology, and has expertise in the disciplines of enterprise-level culture-shaping, organizational design, merger and acquisition integration, change execution, and executive-level leadership and team development. Frequently, his work involves helping private equity portfolio companies identify misallocated human capital costs and remove barriers to performance, including the full range of structures, policies, and systems that govern, influence, and reinforce workforce behavior. His work measurably increases company intrinsic value through improved human capital management. He is based out of New York.

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Gerard McDonough

Senior Managing Director, Ankura Consulting

David Lynn is a Managing Director with Ankura with extensive experience in organizational culture, executive development, and human equity valuation, working with Fortune 500 firms as well as dynamic start-ups. His experience includes leading strategic engagements including enterprise-wide business strategy, culture shaping, and executive development initiatives with organizations such as Black Knight Financial Services, Skyworks Solutions, JPMorgan Chase, Superior Energy Services, and eviCore Healthcare. He is based out of New York.

David Lynn

Managing Director, Ankura Consulting

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  2. Greg will work with you to create relevant structural and demographic segments for your organization (e.g., divisions, departments, gender, tenure, or others.)
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What you do:

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  3. You receive the results report, including the Drivers and Heat Map reports, for your Group.

The future workforce is taking shape before our eyes, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic; it’s faster than any of us could have imagined. Complete the Diialog™ WFH Resiliency Assessment to ensure you’re keeping up with the pace of change.