Researchers & Practitioners

We are seeking collaborators. We want researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge, apply their insights, advance their research, and collaborate with peers. Please let us know if you are interested!

A Few Great Collaborators!

“Even introverts who work in an office can suffer from isolation at suddenly being moved home. Dr. Perry suggested proactively staying in touch with others rather than waiting for someone to reach out. That could mean emailing colleagues more often, having conference calls, video conferences, using chat tools or just picking up the phone.” ~ NY Times

Sara Perry, Ph.D. Organizational Psychology

Associate Professor of Management, Baylor University, and AnyMeasure Collaborator

"Getting some distance makes us think more abstractly, and focuses us on “What does it all mean?” questions. Unfortunately, stress zooms us back in to focusing on survival. So we’re in weird tension between the forest and the trees now. But that also means that now may be an ideal time, psychologically, for companies to draw out those meaning-related ideas and desires from employees, ideally after reassuring them about their security."

Mike Morrison, MSc. Organizational Psychology

PhD Graduate Student, Michigan State University, and AnyMeasure Collaborator

"An organization’s level of resilience, or whether they can ‘survive and thrive’ in times of crisis and uncertainty depends on the strength of its culture."

Stephen Race, MSc. Organizational Psychology

Subject Matter Expert, and AnyMeasure Collaborator

What is AnyMeasure for Companies?

It's a platform providing free and easily shareable assessments, including precise reports, delivered instantly, for more effective decision-making and leadership.

Leaders can:

  • Quickly identify significant issues
  • Recruit the most impactful talent
  • Produce precise and tangible evidence
  • Build a strong case for change initiatives
  • More quickly deliver higher performance

It's something new, a hybrid, inspired by open science, evidence-based management, and real organizational challenges. We are collaborating with Practitioners, Masters, PhDs, graduate students in Organizational Psychology from leading universities to tackle the most significant workplace challenges. Then we open the channel between organizational leaders and our research collaborators. Through this open and collaborative model, we help leaders more readily uncover their organization's hurdles and more rapidly achieve their strategic vision.