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Individual Contributors:

  1. Choose a featured assessment; or tell us what you want
  2. Click on the free link
  3. Complete the assessment
  4. View your free report, comparing your situation to others

    Organization or Team Leaders:

    Leading organizational psychology expert, Adam Grant, tweeted, “You can’t always change the culture of your company, but you can always improve the culture of your team.”

    What we’ll do to get you started:

    1. We’ll create a Group Link for you;
    2. Create private segments (i.e. business units; gender; tenure)
    3. Then send you the the assessment link and report link.

    What Group Leaders do:

    1. Simply share the link with your group or colleagues;
    2. Colleagues will complete assessment.

    Enterprise Leaders:

    For a management team to intentionally change its entire company culture, it must first define it with high precision and be prepared to measure it period-over-period as it does with other valuable corporate assets.

    What we do for your organization:

    1. Help determine and design the right measures for your organization
    2. Import your organizational data;
    3. Create & email unique links for your employees;
    4. Send you a link to the reports, with embedded action items; and, including comparative aggregate data
    5. As you progress in your transformation process, we’ll be there to help you with your pulse and annual remeasure.