Some interesting comparisons for you:

Apple ADP
Microsoft JPMorgan Chase
Bank of America British Lottery Corp
Progressive Engeo
Farm Credit Canada Salesforce
Haeco Humana
Macquarie University Lifesize
Mercy Health Aire Serv
National Acoustics Lab NHS
Pela Case Duncan Lewis
Great American Sopra Steria
TCS Education System United Health Advisors
Vouch Insurance veolia
Google Pepsico
Dell Facebook
Shopify Intel
University of Exeter Bamboo
Ottawa County feefo AstraZeneca

Hybrid/Remote-Work Comparisons

Find companies with a remote-work culture similar to your ideal or your current company, click on the “Compare Now” button.

Our response to the Covid-19 Crisis was to run a pre-launch assessment about working from home (WFH). Many people are struggling with working from home or anywhere, but since then, there has been a call for more flexible working options. Including more flex time, hybrid office hours, including full-time and part-time remote scenarios. The coined term “Great Resignation” has driven many Remote-Work companies to deploy radical and exciting alternatives to the typical 9-to-5 in-office default. Also, many other companies are still struggling to adapt. Here we help you identify those Remote-Work companies trying to solve the technical and psychological issues around remote work.

We turned to a couple of collaborators, Sara Perry, Ph.D. and Stephen Race, MSc in Occupational Psychology, to design our Hybrid/Remote-work company comparison measure.

Our Collaborators

“Even introverts who work in an office can suffer from isolation at suddenly being moved home. Dr. Perry suggested proactively staying in touch with others rather than waiting for someone to reach out. That could mean emailing colleagues more often, having conference calls, video conferences, using chat tools or just picking up the phone.” ~ NY Times

Sara Perry, Ph.D. Organizational Psychology

Associate Professor of Management, Baylor University, and AnyMeasure Collaborator

"An organization’s level of resilience, or whether they can ‘survive and thrive’ in times of crisis and uncertainty depends on the strength of its culture."

Stephen Race, MSc. Organizational Psychology

Subject Matter Expert, and AnyMeasure Collaborator